Original UK Punk Rock Clothing Gothic and Alternative Clothing and Accessories.

Punk Rock Clothing, UK, Gothic Clothing, Emo Clothing. Tiger of London, Omen Clothing

Need clothing and accessories then Enter our Store. Welcome to Red Haze, full of the best UK Punk Rock, Gothic and Alternative Clothing you'll find on the Web. Red Haze has been selling on the internet for over 10 years.

Whatever your looking for, you'll find it here. Punk Clothing, Black Gothic outfits or just daring to be different, the best UK clothing we can find. Not to mention all the accessories from Stargazer, Directions or Manic Panic Hair Dye to all the Studded Wristbands and Belts you'll ever need.

Punk Clothing, Goth Clothing or Whatever Clothing!

Punk Clothing, Gothic Clothing, Emo Clothing

You know what you want and you'll find it here. We don't stock cheap copies made in China, only the real stuff made right here in the UK.

For original anarchic punk at it best it has to be Tiger of London. Vivienne Westwood and Seditionaries might have been there first but generations have worn Tiger of London.

Whatever your Style, if you Dare to be Different and care about where your clothing comes from then Red Haze is the shop for you.

Accessorize with Belts, Studs or Wristbands ...

Studded, Leather Belt, Conical Studs, Pyramid, Wristband, Boot Straps

Punk Rock, Goth, Metal or just plain different - Whatever you're into. You're going to need some Leather and Studs.

Look no further and Check Out our great selection, here you find everything you need within our huge range of Studded Belts, Wristbands, Chokers and Bootstraps, all made on the UK and all quality Leather.

If it's loose Metal Studs then from single studs to packs of all the favourite styles including Conical, Pyramid, Star and Skull both Large and Small.

Hair Dyes and Cosmetics from Stargazer, Directions and Manic Panic.

Punk Rock, Hair Dye, Stargazer, Directions, Manic Panic

Nothing defines your style more than your makeup and hair. From Shocking Pink Punk Mohawks, Pitch Black Goth and Emo Mascara and Lipstick or something a little subtler or maybe some Burlesque Diamante False Eyelashes. Here are all the cosmetics you need to make your own statement.

Red Haze is proud to welcome - Tish & Snooky's MANIC PANIC NYC Hair Dyes direct from the USA. Born in 77 and has been a favourite of US and UK Punk and alternative folk ever since. Available in Amplified and Classic... Wear it Loud.

Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipstick, Goth White Foundation, Compacts, Eye Shadows, Nail Polish and False Eyelashes - All just for you.

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